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Tennis Coach:  "You drink water during a match to refresh your body, use Tennis Coach during a match to refresh your mind."
Tennis Coach is not drills, it is not lessons, it is, for the first time ever, coaching during the match.  Tennis Coach provides all the things that your tennis pro has told you, but in the heat of a match we all seem to forget.

How does Tennis Coach Work?
Prior to a match, select your N.T.R.P. rating and whether you are playing singles or doubles.  Also, enter any of your own reminders for that particular opponent. For example, “Hit to Ted’s backhand,” “Karen does not come to the net,” or “Remember to move in on Dave’s second serve.”
During a match, on each "changeover", select whether you are serving or receiving.  Tennis Coach will instantly pull up all the reminders and tips you need to win the match.  These are the reminders and tips you use in practice, but somehow get lost in the heat of the battle.
Using Tennis Coach qualifies as legal assistance according to the U.S.T.A. because there is no Internet links nor outside communication.  So go to “Setting” and put your iPhone or iPod Touch to “Airplane Mode” so that communication with the internet or others is not possible. 
When you exit Tennis Coach return your phone to normal mode

Tennis Coach
If you have a coaching tip that you think will help other tennis players, submit them to and if yours is selected we will pay you $100.00 usd

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