Tennis Coach (TM)                        
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You have taken all the tennis lessons and have done all the drills, but in the heat of the  match,  we all seem to forget what we were told.  There is a great deal to remember.

Tennis Coach goes on the court with you and at each changeover game, Tennis Coach allows you to review the  tennis tips for your N.T.R.P. rating.

It is these coaching tips that can make the difference between winning and losing.   Let Tennis Coach be your on court secret weapon, providing you with coaching tips and simple reminders that will help you finish out the match, or get your game back on track.

Tennis Coach also allows you to put in YOUR coaching tips for the player you are playing today.  Reminders like "Hit to Ted's backhand," or "Karen won't come to the net" or "Remember to jump on Dave's second serve."
You drink water during a match to refresh your body, use Tennis Coach during a match to refresh your mind.

If you have a coaching tip that you think will help other tennis players, submit them to and if yours is selected we will pay you $100.00.
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